HEALING - for the planet and for the people
Nature Walks, Earth Meditations and journal entries from one who is truly connected to the Natural World.
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Abraham Hicks - The Gathering of Teachers (NEW)
An introduction to the current awakening of consciousness... Probably my favorite work so far- hope you like it!Music: Steve Jablonsky - My name is Lincoln
Connect to Plants and Mother Earth for insite and healing.
Have you ever wanted a deeper connection to Nature and the Earth?
Want to have a fantastic garden?  Wouldn't it help if your plants could talk and tell you what they need?  Well they do.  As a shamanic healer,  I'll teach you how to listen.
Not only will you learn to hear plants...but you'll tune into nature spirits and animals as well.  It's a magical world that we live in.  I'd love to share it with you.  This is a one day shamanic intensive where you will learn to connect to the Earth and the Ocean, learn how to use dowsing rods to find energy spots and the earth's ley lines, and communicate with plants and nature spirits.  Held in various coastal cities throughout New England.

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Denean - Walking, Gently Walking
by Denean
 Rhode Island and Massachusetts locations
Join me for a meditation to connect to Mother Earth and nature spirits.  First we'll sit upon the earth and connect to her beautiful energy then we'll stroll the woods and fields where I'll point out the different energies and what they can be used for.  I'll bring my photos of faeries...yes they do exist, and you can bring a digital camera and perhaps capture them on film too..if they're willing.  This is appropriate for children (and adults) who can sit silently for 15 min and walk quietly and gently upon the earth. $35.00 Children under 12 are free.
$10.00 discount for those of you who have gone with me to the same location before.

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the day.

Cumberland, Rhode Island, October 8, 2016


Oceanside Mandala created by Enviromental Artist Patricia Gilmore..and Linda Hogan

Testimonies from  past Programs:
"I really enjoyed the Linda's workshop and look forward to doing more work with her in the future.  I went outside the next day when the sun came out and sat near my butterfly bush.  I took my shoes off to have my feet on the earth and then became a landing pad for butterflies and bumblebees.  There were thousands of white flies doing an elegant ballet for me against the backdrop of the dark green trees.  It was hypnotic.  The woodchuck mama came out and had her lunch with me.  Thank you. "   Connecticut
"My intuitive and psychic senses have opened dramatically since the initiation. "  Massachusetts
"I feel a much deeper connection to the earth and humanity. "  Connecticut
"I feel more optimistic about the future and that I can help make a difference."   Rhode Island

"I loved learning about shamanic healing from Linda.  I have found few as connected to Mother Earth as she is."
                                                     Rhode Island

"I miss your guided nature meditation walks! Hoping you will share your gift in RI again. Such a wonderful, uplifting experience!  Rhode Island

Cumberland Monastery Grounds, Cumberland, RIAgua Azul Waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico for 11-11-11

Westport, MA - Connecting to Earth, Sea and Sky
Cumberland Monastery, Rhode Island
Shamanic  Healing Apprenticeships for Young People newly called to this path.
Ages 16 - 25 - who can prove a sincere desire and calling.
Do you question what you are seeing and hearling?  Do you feel different and unable to share your experiences with your friends.
Perhaps I can help you understand your spiritual path and calling.
You are the future of the planet.
contact me at gaia_healer@yahoo.com
COACHING - Creativity, Manifesting, Abundance, Health
I have been a healer and teacher for over 20 years.  I am certified in humanistic psychology and holistic health.
  My specialty is teaching others how to work with the energy of the Universe to create the life of their dreams, whether it is in the area of career, abundance, travel or health.   When you learn to flow with the energy instead of against it, anything and everything is possible.
$79.00 per hour phone sessions.  Often I have a CD available to get you started in manifesting what you desire.  A follow-up phone session can really help you fine tune and quicken the process.
contact me at gaia_healer@yahoo.com
Shamanic Journeys
Be guided by Linda on journeys to other worlds to meet your spirit guides and recieve information.
Shamanic Healing  Weekend Intensive   $465.00 Working with Stones, Plant Spirits and Animals.  Shamanic Journey.
dates and location to be announced.
Date TBD
The Sweet Retreat
Westport, MA

-  "Capturing Faeries"   time and place to be announced.  $45.00, children 8 - 12 with adult $20.00
Bring your digital cameras and let's try to capture faeries .  I know they're there.  I'll teach you how to lure faeries and what you can expect from the faery realm....they're NOT Angels, that's for sure.  It's always a light hearted time with the little people.
Workshops in other Modalities can be found on the Events page. Just click this link.
DNA Activation and Activation of Youth and Vitality Chromosome.  By appointment, phone session.  $49.00 
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Patricia welcomes Linda Hogan as she presents TSLAGI - AN ANCIENT MOVING MEDITATION. Subscribe to this youtube channel for more great tips to help you be your very best. BEBEST.COM - International W...
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