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 A great qi gong video that will help with stress, keep your lungs healthy and stretch away your tension. Lee Holden does the most beautiful videos, I think you'll enjoy it.

A great qi gong video to help with stress and make you feel alive.Lee Holden is the best!

Coronavirus is no longer a pandemic, but this pertains to all global health threats, so I've left it in.  I referred to the virus as "Corey" because it sounded much less threatning.

Words have power so we definitely don't want to give a negative connotation to this word. I choose to think of Corey as someone who can be reasoned with and not someone out to get us! When we use a word with a FEAR emotion attached...such as the word Cancer, I believe that it grows in strength and becomes more than just a disease.

Here is what I know about Viruses/Bacteria/ Parasites......they feed on FEAR. They are looking for a host, and like an animal who senses fear, those are the ones they attack.

This is not to say that we should ignore this VERY REAl situation, but that we should accept it as a part of our lives right now, do everything we can to protect ourselves and those we love, and keep ourselves from FEAR which weakens our immune system so that our body can't do what it needs to fight it off.

There is an emotional component to all disease. Viruses are very often attracted to those who feel unworthy or who have the need to be punished. I've also seen them in those who have a need to take on the suffering of others. Most times, we're not even aware of these beliefs because they are not usually in our conscious mind, but in our subconscious mind which tells our bodies what needs to be done. For example, if you are in a state of fear of Corey, and would do anything to protect your loved ones, and have a subconscious belief that by taking on their potential suffering, it will protect them, you have a greater chance of ending up as his host.  

Each time we experience something with great emotion, good or bad, it immediately is sent to our subconscious mind where it becomes our reality. The good beliefs don't cause us problems, but when we store a negative belief, which we perceive as true, although it may not be, it can surface to bring up that feeling once again, whether it is one of unworthiness, shame, being unloved, etc. This becomes our operating system in life.

I have been an energy healing practitioner for over 20 years and have studied and been trained in alternative Psychology and energy healing modalities that can identify the negative subconscious beliefs and change them to positive beliefs which allows the body to heal, protect itself so it can do what it was made to do. 

Here is a nice affirmation that I use everyday "I Live my Life with Ease and Grace"....say it often and soon you'll believe it and notice that you are more relaxed.

While our country is in this healing crisis, I am reducing my energy healing fees by $50.00.

My healing sessions are via phone, and I'm available for appointments during the day and evening.

I can be contacted via email at to set up an appointment

Free Unconditional Love and Healing Energy List.

Each night after I get into bed I send unconditional love and healing energy to anyone who requests it. If you would like to be added to my list, please email your name, location and whether this is for spiritual, emotional or physical healing. You may request this for someone else as well because no specific healing is done. Also, please let me know when you no longer require that healing be sent, so that the time may be spent on another who needs it.

Blessings to you.


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