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Edwin Barasa  

Update: May 2020

Edwin, his wife, and adopted family of street children are at this time fighting the corona virus, locusts and floods. He never complains, but, I know he could use some financial assistance right now. If you're so inclined, the donate button is at the bottom of the page.


Edwin was in an accident with his motor bike and had to be operated on for an object that forced it's way though his skin and was lodged between his ribs. This required a hospital stay for several days. The money he had saved for seeds and supplies for the garden he grows for his adopted family and street children, had to be used to pay the hospital charge.

If you'd like to contribute a small amount to help, you can use the donation link below. Even $5 or $10 will go far in . Thanks for your love and consideration. It will show as payment to Natural Ways to Wellness I will send the collected funds to Edwin via Western Union and pay all paypal and western union fees myself, so he will get the full donated amount.


Edwin Mugged, stabbed and motorbike stolen!

currently in the hospital..needs Prayers and immediate financial assistance.

Edwin's children need your help.    

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(in order to put the amount in, make sure your cursor is behind the

 last 0 and start typing when the 0's start to flash ) it will say Natural Ways to Wellness on your credit card statement.

Let me introduce you to Edwin Barasa, a selfless young man who continues to inspire me

and I think he will inspire you too.

He could use our prayers and help right now.

Edwin Barasa is doing his best to continue helping street children in Kenya.

He needs our prayers, BELIEF that he will succeed, and help with finances.  


Contact me if you'd like to help in any way.

You'll find a DONATION button below to make it easier, or you may contact Edwin yourself.

The drought in Kenya is taking a toll on it's people and animals. Many are starving. Your donation will assure that the best is done for these children who have no one but Edwin to care for them.

Edwin's Children were Street Children.

"Most of their parents died. They were either living on the street or living with relatives who mistreated, molested and abused them instead of caring for them." Edwin

  Founder of Mama Jean Home

"Mama Jean, she was the founder of this home. Her life was devoted to help the need in community. She was from U.S.A. She just past last April." Edwin

Jean Williams was from Albany, NY

Providing a loving home.

Jean and Edwin set up a home for those children who had been abandoned in the street. They fed and clothed them and took them to school. Edwin has been trying to continue the home since Jean passed.

 Unfortunately, Edwin broke his foot recently in a motorbike accident and was unable to work for quite awhile.

Edwin can't say no to any child in need even at the expense of his own family. He and his wife were just blessed with a beautiful little daughter.

If you would like to contact this inspirational young man yourself, you can find him on facebook. Edwin Barasa''

"Never let go of love. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself......." How did I get through all of that ? " This is a quote from Edwin's facebook page. I can tell you, he has been through a lot, and never does give up or loose faith in God or his fellow beings.

Edwin has a plan! - (October 2016)

If he starts to raise chickens, it will not only provide food, but income to help support his

large "family".

I think it's a wonderful idea.

A small (or large) contribution will help him get started.    

Can you buy a chicken for Edwin and his children?

All Donations will be sent to Edwin.

If you wish to contact him yourself, you can friend me on facebook, or friend Edwin Barasa.

UPDATE!! (March 2017)

Edwin's plan to raise chickens was a SUCCESS! Here is a picture of what the tiny chicks he bought look like today as well as the nice coop that he built.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

   It will show as "Natural Ways to Wellness" the official name of my business. I will be covering any fees incurred in the processing of the donation as well as transmitting it to Kenya. Your full donation will go to Edwin.

Edwin will thank you and keep you informed as his project goes along.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart......and I can assure you, Edwin and his children thank you too.

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