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So, who is Linda Hogan??

Linda with Tibetan friend in Bir, India 2008

Linda has been called a mystic, a healer, an intuitive and teacher.  

Linda's deep love of the Earth led her to study with Native American healers as well as Shaman: Bernardo Peixoto "Ipu" from Brazil, Cleicha from Peru, Jose Luis Herrera and Jorge Luis Delgado whom she has traveled and studied separately with in Peru and learned ceremony. Most recently she traveled to India and was blessed to live with and learn from Tashi Kangasar, a Tibetan Elder. She also studied Tibetan Energy Medicine with Dr. Dondo Dhondup of Dharmsala, former doctor to the Dalai Lama. She claims her greatest teacher has been Mother Earth and she continues to receive information from this sentient being as well as her spirit guides.  

"Linda, you do Earth Acupuncture", she was told by Adam Yellowbird, who had also been invited to the inaguration of Mayan Elder and Keeper of the Mayan Prophesies, Don Alejandro Cirrilo in Guatemala in August 2008. 

Linda was asked to carry sacred items from Tibet and present them to Don Alejandro as a sign of unity and appreciation for his work keeping the ways of the sacred Maya alive.

Linda presenting sacred items from Tibet to Don Alejandro,keeper of the Mayan Calendar
Receiving a prayer scarf, blessed by the Dalai Lama, from a grandmother.

 Later that October while living with a Tibetan Mystic in Dharmsala, India she was told to go and gather the sacred energy of the holy ones that had lived there, The Dalai Lama, Karmapa, Jesus, Ghandi and so many more. She followed his directions and holds the energy of these sacred ones and sacred places until it is needed.

 October of 2011, a new friend invited her to meet and spend a day learning from Mandaza Kandemwa, an African shaman and Peacemaker from Zimbabwe, visiting Massachusetts. " We met this beautiful soul at a New England pond in it's full autumnal glory and sitting on Mother earth at his feet we learned how being 80% water ourselves, our own toxic thoughts are responsible for polluting the waters of the world. He then invited and instructed us to submerge ourselves in the water and travel through "villages" (dimensions) for healing of ourselves and the planet. His joy was contagious and we were soon submerged in the fridgid water seeking knowlege. I was in awe of how the water changed from a "wet liquid" to a living being caressing my body with silken hands after I had found the villages." 

Mandaza, shaman and peacemaker from Zimbabwe
Linda Hogan leading ceremony to honor the water at Agua Azul in Chiapas, Mexico

   Linda had no idea how important this knowledge would prove to be a month later at Augas Caliente in Mexico when she and her traveling companions were asked to scale waterfalls while tons of rushing water poured down upon them. Linda was thankful that she had done ceremony, asked permission and gifted the water before going in.

Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico
Temple of the Inscriptions, Palenque Maya Ruins 11-11-11

Linda journeyed to Palenque, Mexico to the Mayan Ruins on 11-11-11 where she, and others who chose to go, did ceremonoy at various Mayan ruins to help usher in 2012 and the Shift to the new earth. "Perhaps this is where the energy was needed next. The Ravens show up, I know I"m going on an adventure and Spirit sends me where I am meant to go." It was a beautiful adventure and the energy on 11-11-11 at 11:11 am flooded into the plaza of the Temple of the Sun raising the vibration and filling the small group of people there in the jungle with unconditional love to carry back out into the world.

Linda Hogan and Ann Ruel receiving the sacred energy of 11:11:11 in Palenque, Mexico

  As Ann Ruel and Linda sat in the middle of the court yard in rain ponchos, holding the energy, a holy woman who had been chanting in the Temple of the Sun made her way down the steps and sought them out. Speaking in tongues, she blessed and acknowledged them.

 It was a very special and sacred moment.

Linda is sought out and blessed by this holy woman in Palenque

Our group returned in the evening, after the park was closed to the public, to do more ceremony. Here is a photo taken on the Steps of the Temple of the Sun just before our ceremony while we waited for the sun to go down. You can see we were not alone by the large orb glowing above us in the Temple of the Sun.

It was certainly magical time for all of us.

Temple of the Sun, Palenque, Mexico on 11:11:11 before our ceremony

In the summer of 2013 Linda traveled to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isle of Skye. In search of family history and her roots, she made deep connection as she hiked the highland moors and ancient forests. Her love of fairy folk led her to the Fairy Glen at Uig on the Isle of Skye and in deep meditation, she and her traveling companion, a shaman and longtime friend, individually received the same messages about the current sad state of the faery realm and why and where it had retreated to. Ceremony was done, communication was made and directions were received as to what is necessary to help them return. Linda and her friend continue to work under the guidance of these ancient beings.

Linda Hogan hiking through the Faery Glen on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Traveling later that year to Maui, Hawaii, Linda made a deep connection the land and definitely felt a faerie presence there.

Meditating at foot of

 This Mother tree was hundreds of years old.

 She also encountered living "Earth Angels" , one being Moses, at the Banyon Tree. His words of prophecy and wisdom impacted Linda and her friend, Maui resident, author of "Simply a Woman of Faith, Pat Hastings. Linda has learned to take these encounters very seriously.

Moses, Earth Angel in Maui Hawaii
Banyon Tree, Maui, Hawaii

And the journey continues...

Linda is the author of "Walk Gently Upon the Earth", a book to awaken you to the beauty that is right in front of you and the many gifts that Mother Earth offers us. She is also the author of "The Shaman in your Cupboard", a book of natural healing learned from indigenous healers. Mother Earth gives us everything we need to sustain us physically, emotionally and spiritually....and it's all free. 

Linda has been on the the board of directors of several Environmental Protection Organizations. She is also a board member of PAWHA (Pan American Whole Health Alliance) a non-profit that teaches self-health care to low income people of the Americas in the US and abroad as well as The Inspiration Foundation (founded by Roland M Comtois of Chalice Communications) She is a member of Rhode Island Holistic Healers Association and also OSHA, Rhode Island Herbal Association.

She is a Reiki Master , having studied with Roland M. Comtois, a Tong Ren Healing practitioner and a Theta Healing Practitioner and Teacher and Access Bars Practioner. She is board-certified in holistic health and humanistic psychology. Linda is a shamanic healer and teacher and sees clients and heals land throughout New England. She does intuitive readings, connecting to your soul for information. She is available for long-distance healing. Linda leads small group trips to sacred energy spots locally and around the world. She is currently living in Massachusetts and is a well known Boston Energy Healing Instructor.  email for more info.

     " If I can help one person open their eyes to the beauty and gifts that Mother Earth offers us, I will have done my duty. Once you know her, you can't help but love and want to protect her. She has blessed us all in so many countless ways." Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan,surrounded by the energy of the moon.
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