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Need to Talk? I Am Here to Listen compassionately and confidentially.

Personal and emotional wellbeing is possible.

Let me help you get there again. Certified in Holistic Health, Humanistic Psychology, as well as a ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor, I am qualified to help you make healthy choices physically and emotionally. I treat:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Stress

  • Addiction

  • Grief

  • Life Transitions

  • Physical Health

  • Chronic Illness and Cancer

This list is just a sample of what I can help you with. I will work with a number of issues to get you on the road to good mental and physical health.

email for an appointment. I specialize in long-distance healing and phone or Skype sessions.

Linda Hogan is a certified ThetaHealing®

Practitioner and Teacher since 2003

She has taught hundreds of students from Maine to New York. 


Linda Hogan does energy healing in Hawaii

I believe ThetaHealing® to be the most profound energy healing technique out there today. I am a Reiki Master and also a Shamanic Healer and Teacher. ThetaHealing® encompasses and I believe surpasses both of these techniques.

There is a component where energy in channeled as in Reiki and there is also a major component where the practitioner sends the counscious mind to another dimension ,through the Theta Brain Wave, as in the altered states of shamanic healing. This makes for profound healing of the subconscious mind and the physical and emotional body.

The subconscious mind locks on to any emotionally charged thought and stores it. Many times these beliefs are from traumatic situations and negative in nature. When real life situations occur that trigger that belief, it once again surfaces causing illness to the body or emotions.

With ThetaHealing®, the practitioner is able to help the client determine what beliefs are keeping them stuck, repeating the same negative behavior and situations, or causing disease in their body. The practitioner can then energetically remove the belief from the subconscious mind, allowing the body or emotions to heal. The results are rapid and long lasting. The ThetaHealing® Practitioner can also energetically aide in the body's healing process.

I see many cancer patients and those with chronic illness that doctors have not been able to help. I always encourage my clients to get medical diagnoses and follow the prescribed protocol. Energy Healing works along with western medicine as well as any other healing modality.

ThetaHealing® can also be done via phone, internet or long-distance with intention as energy knows no time nor space. I have worked successfully on people as far away as Spain and Thailand.


MA - Classes/Workshops

Linda Hogan – Theta Healer/Teacher

As a teacher I had the great pleasure of attending Linda Hogan’s Theta Healer Practitioner Training down in Rhode Island one weekend. The energy that Linda carries in class is one of love and laughter as she teaches and helps her students to connect to the loving energy of GOD/All that is. What I loved about the class was she was about doing some explaining but more importantly about practicing and connecting people with their abilities to do this. Her light hearted non-judgmental way helped set everyone at easy, as we all practiced using this new technique to help us heal and change our internal programming.For me Theta Healing took on its own form with me in my own personal healing practice. It allowed me to connect better with myself and to develop a more connected way of helping my own self to move forward and to change. It literally gave me the starting tools to really take myself to the next level of exploration. Allowing me to explore myself, my beliefs and behaviors more in depth with a means to energetically to change them and to create something new.

As a healerLinda has done many physical healing for many people. For me she helped me in a session doing a spiritual healing. She was compassionate caring and holding no judgment against anything that was said. No matter how crazy something sounded she was able and willing to approach my healing with the utmost compassion, love and respect.This attitude, I found is something that can be missing from many healers. But she was truly amazing in what she did for me in that moment. The gift she gave me, helped me to move towards a greater acceptance. Angela Law, author and Theta Practitioner.

contact Linda Hogan for more info.

Long Distance ThetaHealing® Sessions. Please email me at for appointment My fee is normally $125 per hr. Click here to pay. 

Free Unconditional Love and Healing Energy List.

Each night after I get into bed I send unconditional love and healing energy to anyone who requests it. If you would like to be added to my list, please email your name, location and whether this is for spiritual, emotional or physical healing. You may request this for someone else as well because no specific healing is done. Also, please let me know when you no longer require that healing be sent, so that the time may be spent on another who needs it.

Blessings to you.


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