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Instruction and Healing Sessions

Training includes:

Animal Communication and different energy healing modalities such as Reiki, T-Touch, Tong Ren , Theta Healing and accupoints.

Long Distance healing and in person healing.

We will be using models of Dogs and Cats.

You will also go home with a manual of all the materials that we cover in class.

This is a 2 day class held on a weekend from 10am - 5pm, both days.

Fee $350.00 plus $50.deposit. Class size limited to 6.


Energy knows no distance and healing can be done long-distance on animals as well as people. First I connect to the energy of your pet to see where they are in distress, and then I direct correcting healing energy to that organ or area. I also interview the owner to see what is going on in their own life at that time. Animals, our pets, are empaths and often try to take on the stress and pain of their owners. When I help the owner deal with their own problems, the animal family member, also heals. With my psychic abilities, I am able to communicate with your animal to see what is causing them stress and what needs to be done to relieve it.  


I can't thank you enough for being there for me, once again, by phone and email, and for all the healing energy that you sent to S'eamus to help with his kidney disease. Thanks to you he is doing much better & eating again. You are more than kind, patient and understanding, also very encouraging, helpful and supportive. A gifted healer for people and animals: Our Beloved Pets. I'm so grateful. Diane in Chesea, MA....owner of 3 cats.

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